Director's message

Greetings and Thank You for Visting the Shanghai Institute for Advanced study of Zhejiang University (SIAS)

SIAS was jointly established by Zhejiang University and Shanghai Municipal Government in 2020. In today’s profoundly changing world, SIAS aims to stimulate new research breakthroughs in basic science and promote industrial development. 

Building a culture of research excellence starts with our people. Our researchers coming from different academic backgrounds are forming a multidisciplinary working environment that will transform our economy, society and everyday life. Possessing one ‘Computing + Artificial Intelligence’ research frontier, alongside with three other main research labs, namely ‘Computing + Biology’, ‘Computing + Engineering’, ‘Computing + Finance’, it is with great enthusiasm that we are constantly acquiring global talents to support our mission of building an outstanding ‘Computing +’ ecosystem. 

I hope this message has piqued your interest to learn more about SIAS. We genuinely welcome you to join us ---- As a collaborator or a new hire, in making scientific discoveries and technological innovations that will transform our world. 


Dr Ruhong Zhou

Dean, SIAS