About us

  • Shanghai Institute for Advanced Study of Zhejiang University (SIAS) is a jointly launched new institution of research and development by Shanghai Municipal Government and Zhejiang University in December, 2020. The platform represents an intersection of technology and economic development, serving as a market leading trail blazer to cultivate a novel community for innovation amongst enterprises. 

Focus areas

  • SIAS focuses on the basic theory of ‘Computing +’ and strives to build ‘1+3+X’ full-chain innovation ecosystem, namely 1 ‘Computing + Artificial Intelligence’ frontier research base; 3 ‘Computing + Innovation laboratories’ (‘Computing + Finance’, ‘Computing + Engineering’, ‘Computing +Biology’) and multiple service and support platforms. SIAS is seeking top talents working on the frontiers of computational sciences who can envision and actualize a research program that will bring out new solutions to areas include, but not limited to artificial intelligence, computational biology, computational engineering and fintech.

Vision & Mission

  • SIAS is keen to address to national needs of sustainable development of human society, to help Shanghai in becoming the global hub for science and technology, as well as to nurture high-end talents for Zhejiang University. The key mission of the institute is to carry out cutting-edge scientific research that promotes synergy between technological innovation and industrial development. SIAS will aim to become a global leader in forming the world-class ‘Computing +’ ecosystem. 

Organization structure

Strategic Advisory Committee

  • The Strategic Advisory Committee of the Shanghai Institute for Advanced Study of Zhejiang University is composed of 11 experts including Nobel Prize Winners, Turing Prize Winners, Members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Among them, Academician Pan Yunhe serves as the Chairman and Academician Chen Chun serves as the Chief Scientist. 

    The Strategic Advisory Committee is responsible for the academic consultation and guidance of the Institute of Advanced Research. The Committee is also in charge of advising on innovative research directions, key development areas and other academic topics.  To view more